Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cinema in Education To Start In Text Dramatic and Literature

  The cinema as an educational is resource has been exploited in the classroom so increasingly more frequent. Recently worked with Romeo and Juliet in Baz Luhrmann, with ninth graders, to initiate them on the dramatic text, and The Little Prince and Stanley Donen Lerner and Loewe's for sixth year. Many questions have emerged as the question of theatrical adaptation of text to film, contemporary reassembly, and on the form of dialogues. When questions arise about the dramatic text, there is interest in the drama, which may have its unfolding in the classroom with reading this, and later with performances.

To my surprise, only two students had read the book The Little Prince in a group of about 80. I myself have been reading it in adulthood. As a reader I am, I realized the flaw of not stimulating educational preteens to read the classics. And lack it brings to the learning process. With The Little Prince, working imagination, inquiry, curiosity finally working with a universe of imagination so necessary at that age. Saw the movie that sparked interest in the sixth-year students, most in the range of 10 to 13 years. 

As soon as I saw the interest that Romeo and Juliet awoke in young adolescents ninth year with the dramatic text adapted for the cinema. The questions about the context for the nineties, not the colloquial language. Thus reached the goal that I had proposed, they awakened interest in the scenic language. We talk about theater, film and stage. Anyway the classics is a real need to understand society, to question, to be able to contextualize the world and all the globalization process. And later to make choices. Without offering these can not do them, then accepting everything that comes in imposing when it comes to art, culture and entertainment.
Remembering that today is International Children's Book Day and birthday of Hans Christian Andersen.

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